Government of Kosovo

Government of Kosovo
Albanian: Qeveria e Kosovës
Serbian: Влада Косова / Vlada Kosova
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Established17 February 2008 (2008-02-17)
LeaderPrime Minister of Kosovo
Appointed byPresident of Kosovo
Main organCabinet
Responsible toAssembly of the Republic of Kosovo
HeadquartersGovernment Building, Pristina
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Constitution and law
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Government building in Pristina.

The Government of Kosovo (Albanian: Qeveria e Kosovës, Serbian: Влада Косова / Vlada Kosova) exercises executive authority in the Republic of Kosovo.[a] It is composed of government ministers, and is led by the prime minister. The prime minister is elected by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. Ministers are nominated by the prime minister and then confirmed by the assembly.

Albin Kurti is the current prime minister of Kosovo. His government, approved by the assembly and installed on March 22, 2021, consists of Albanians, as well as ministers from Kosovo's ethnic minorities, which include Bosniaks, Romani, Turks and Serbs. Although the government includes representatives of ethnic minorities, it is dominated by the Albanian majority, who have most influence on the decision-making.[1]

Current cabinet

The cabinet consists of the following ministers:[2]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister of Kosovo22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
First Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs22 March 2021Incumbent Guxo
Third Deputy Prime Minister for Minority Issues and Human Rights22 March 2021Incumbent NDS
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development22 March 2021Incumbent Guxo
Minister of Communities and Returns22 March 2021Incumbent Serb List
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Defense22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Economy22 March 2021Incumbent Independent
Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Innovation22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Health22 March 20211 October 2021 Vetëvendosje
1 October 202116 November 2021 Vetëvendosje
16 November 2021Incumbent Independent
Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Justice22 March 2021Incumbent Vetëvendosje
Minister of Local Administration22 March 2021Incumbent IRDK
Minister of Regional Development
Fikrim Damka
22 March 2021Incumbent KDTP

Former cabinets

Assumed office Prime Minister Composition Cabinet Election
7 September 1990 Jusuf Zejnullahu Zejnullahu
19 October 1991 Bujar Bukoshi Bukoshi
2 April 1999 Hashim Thaçi Thaçi I
15 December 1999 n/a Interim
4 March 2002 Bajram Rexhepi Rexhepi 2001
3 December 2004 Ramush Haradinaj Haradinaj I 2004
8 March 2005 Adem Salihaj Salihaj
25 March 2005 Bajram Kosumi Kosumi
10 March 2006 Agim Çeku Çeku
9 January 2008 Hashim Thaçi Thaçi II 2007
17 February 2008 Hashim Thaçi PDK, LDK, KDTP, SL Thaçi III
9 December 2014 Isa Mustafa LDK, PDK, SL, KDTP, LB, PD, Vakat Mustafa 2014
9 September 2017 Ramush Haradinaj PDK, AAK, NISMA, AKR Haradinaj II 2017
3 February 2020 Albin Kurti LVV, LDK, SL Kurti I 2019
3 June 2020 Avdullah Hoti LDK, AAK, NISMA, AKR, SL Hoti
22 March 2021 Albin Kurti LVV, Guxo, SL, IRDK, KDTP, NDS Kurti II 2021

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a. ^ The political status of Kosovo is disputed. Having unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, Kosovo is formally recognised as an independent state by 100 UN member states (with another 13 states recognising it at some point but then withdrawing their recognition) and 93 states not recognizing it, while Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.


  1. ^ GROWup - Geographical Research On War, Unified Platform. "Ethnicity in Kosovo". ETH Zurich. Retrieved 1 November 2018.
  2. ^ "Albin Kurti prezanton kabinetin qeverisës dhe shpalos programin" [Albin Kurti introduces the governing cabinet and unveils the program] (in Albanian). Vizion Plus. 22 March 2021.

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