List of members of the European Parliament for Italy, 1984–1989

Members of the
European Parliament
for Italy
ECSC delegation (1952)
EP delegation (1958)
1st term (1979)
2nd term (1984)
3rd term (1989)
4th term (1994)
5th term (1999)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)
9th term (2019)
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This is a list of the 81 members of the European Parliament for Italy in the 1984 to 1989 session.


Name National party EP Group
Carla Barbarella   Communist Party   COM
Roberto Barzanti   Communist Party   COM
Aldo Bonaccini   Communist Party   COM
Angelo Carossino   Communist Party   COM
Luciana Castellina   Communist Party   COM
Giovanni Cervetti   Communist Party   COM
Maria Lisa Cinciari Rodano   Communist Party   COM
Pancrazio De Pasquale   Communist Party   COM
Guido Fanti   Communist Party   COM
Carlo Alberto Galluzzi   Communist Party   COM
Natalino Gatti   Communist Party   COM
Francesca Marinaro   Communist Party   COM
Alberto Moravia   Communist Party   COM
Alessandro Natta   Communist Party   COM
Diego Novelli[1]   Communist Party   COM
Giancarlo Pajetta   Communist Party   COM
Giovanni Papapietro   Communist Party   COM
Andrea Raggio   Communist Party   COM
Alfrefo Reichlin[2]   Communist Party   COM
Giorgio Rossetti   Communist Party   COM
Sergio Camillo Segre   Communist Party   COM
Renzo Trivelli   Communist Party   COM
Osvalda Trupia   Communist Party   COM
Maurizio Valenzi   Communist Party   COM
Felice Ippolito   Communist Party (Independent)   COM
Altiero Spinelli[3]   Communist Party (Independent)   COM
Vera Squarcialupi   Communist Party (Independent)   COM
Dario Antoniozzi   Christian Democracy   EPP
Giovanni Bersani   Christian Democracy   EPP
Franco Borgo   Christian Democracy   EPP
Carlo Casini   Christian Democracy   EPP
Maria Luisa Cassanmagnago Cerretti   Christian Democracy   EPP
Mauro Chiabrando   Christian Democracy   EPP
Vittorino Chiusano   Christian Democracy   EPP
Michelangelo Ciancaglini[4]   Christian Democracy   EPP
Roberto Costanzo   Christian Democracy   EPP
Luigi Ciriaco De Mita[5]   Christian Democracy   EPP
Sergio Ercini   Christian Democracy   EPP
Roberto Formigoni   Christian Democracy   EPP
Gerardo Gaibisso   Christian Democracy   EPP
Giovanni Giavazzi   Christian Democracy   EPP
Vincenzo Giummarra   Christian Democracy   EPP
Antonio Iodice   Christian Democracy   EPP
Giosuè Ligios   Christian Democracy   EPP
Salvatore Lima   Christian Democracy   EPP
Alberto Michelini   Christian Democracy   EPP
Alfeo Mizzau   Christian Democracy   EPP
Eolo Parodi   Christian Democracy   EPP
Ferruccio Pisoni   Christian Democracy   EPP
Nino Pisoni   Christian Democracy   EPP
Mario Pomilio   Christian Democracy   EPP
Gustavo Selva   Christian Democracy   EPP
Giovanni Starita   Christian Democracy   EPP
Gianni Baget Bozzo   Socialist Party   SOC
Mario Dido'   Socialist Party   SOC
Anselmo Guarraci   Socialist Party   SOC
Claudio Martelli   Socialist Party   SOC
Vincenzo Mattina   Socialist Party   SOC
Jiri Pelikan   Socialist Party   SOC
Mario Rigo   Socialist Party   SOC
Carlo Tognoli[6]   Socialist Party   SOC
Mario Zagari   Socialist Party   SOC
Vincenzo Bettiza   Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD
Mario Di Bartolomei   Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD
Jas Gawronski   Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD
Sergio Pininfarina[7]   Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD
Rosario Romeo[8]   Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD
Giorgio Almirante[9]   Social Movement   ER
Antonino Buttafuoco   Social Movement   ER
Francesco Petronio   Social Movement   ER
Pino Romualdi[10]   Social Movement   ER
Antonino Tripodi[11]   Social Movement   ER
Giuseppe Amadei   Democratic Socialist Party   SOC
Renato Massari[12]   Democratic Socialist Party   SOC
Giovanni Moroni   Democratic Socialist Party   SOC
Emma Bonino[13]   Radical Party   NI
Marco Pannella   Radical Party   NI
Enzo Tortora[14]   Radical Party   NI
Joachim Dalsass   South Tyrolean People's Party   EPP
Emilio Molinari[15]   Proletarian Democracy   RBW
Michele Columbu   Sardinian Action PartyValdostan Union   RBW

Party representation

National party EP Group Seats ±
  Communist Party   COM 27 Increase 3
  Christian Democracy   EPP 26 Decrease 3
  Socialist Party   SOC 9 Steady
  Social Movement   ER 5 Increase 1
  Liberal PartyRepublican Party   LD 5 Steady
  Democratic Socialist Party   SOC 3 Decrease 1
  Radical Party   NI 3 Steady
  Proletarian Democracy   RG 1 Steady
  South Tyrolean People's Party   EPP 1 Steady
  Sardinian Action PartyValdostan Union   RG 1 Increase 1


  1. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Bruno Ferrero.
  2. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Tommaso Rossi.
  3. ^ Resigned in 1986, replaced by Carlo Alberto Graziani.
  4. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Giovanni Travaglini.
  5. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Antonio Del Duca.
  6. ^ Resigned in 1987, replaced by Margherita Boniver.
  7. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Giuseppe Schiavinato.
  8. ^ Resigned in 1987, replaced by Francesco Compasso.
  9. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Giulio Maceratini and Marco Cellai.
  10. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Silvio Vitale.
  11. ^ Resigned in 1988, replaced by Antonio Nicola Cantalamessa.
  12. ^ Resigned in 1987, replaced by Ettore Giovanni Andenna.
  13. ^ Resigned in 1984, replaced by Roberto Cicciomessere.
  14. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Giovanni Negri.
  15. ^ Resigned in 1985, replaced by Alberto Tridente.
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