Public Knowledge

Public Knowledge
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Formation2001; 21 years ago (2001)
TypeNon-profit organization
PurposeCommunications law and policy, intellectual property, technology policy
HeadquartersWashington, District of Columbia, U.S.

Public Knowledge is a non-profit Washington, D.C.-based public interest group. Founded in 2001 by David Bollier and Gigi Sohn, Public Knowledge is primarily involved in the fields of intellectual property law, competition and choice in the digital marketplace, and an open standards/end-to-end internet.


Public Knowledge was founded by David Bollier and Gigi Sohn. Chris Lewis is president and CEO, and its directors include Internet Archive Director and Co-founder Brewster Kahle, University of Pennsylvania professor Kevin Werbach, and former FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps.[1][2] Public Knowledge's work focuses on the three 'IP's of communications and copyright policy: information policy, intellectual property, and Internet Protocol.

The group is known for its advocacy for copyright defenses and exemptions such as fair use and against the expansion of copyright in general. For instance, in response to the FCC's attempt to mandate a broadcast flag for all digital TV tuners, Public Knowledge led the successful legal campaign to have the rule overturned.[3][4][5] One study of the politics of digital rights management policy concluded, "Since its 2001 founding, Public Knowledge has risen to prominence as the pre-eminent DC-based policy advocacy organization within the strong fair use coalition."[6]

Board of directors

The following individuals are on the board as of February 2020.[7]

Former members of the board

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