Spanish–Italian Amphibious Battlegroup

Spanish-Italian Amphibious Battlegroup[1]
Coat of arms of the Hispano–Italian Amphibious Battle Group.svg
Active23 November 1998
Country Italy
AllegianceEuropean Union European Union
BranchEU Battlegroup
RoleAmphibious Landing Force
Part ofCommon Security and Defence Policy
Brindisi, Italy
Rota, Spain
Military unit

The Spanish–Italian Amphibious Battlegroup[1][2][3] is one of 18 European Union battlegroups. It is formed by the Spanish–Italian Landing Force (SILF) of the Spanish–Italian Amphibious Force (SIAF Spanish: Fuerza Anfibia Hispano-Italiana; Italian: Forza Anfibia Italo-Spagnola). It consists of 1500 Marines with manpower contributed from the participating countries. From January until June 2009, it was on the EU Battlegroup standby roster.[1]

Order of battle

The unit uses a modular organization.


The primary core of the unit is made up by:


It also has attached units from the Italian and Spanish Navies:

  • Aircraft Carriers:
    • Cavour
  • LHA
    • L-61 Juan Carlos I
    • Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Landing Ships:


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  • Forza Anfibia Italo-Spagnola (SIAF) (Italian Defence Ministry)
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